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This policy provides insight on different types of cookies and the way they are used by the Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati website.
Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati only uses cookies to enhance the performance of its website and provide a better user experience or certain features. The Company shall never use cookies to collect, process, disclose or record personal information.
If you decide to ignore this policy or exit it by closing the relevant window and continue to use the website, you accept the use of cookies. However this does not affect your ability to “manage” cookies according to the instructions provided below.

What are cookies they and how do they work?
Cookies are small text files sent by the website you visit to your computer (usually to the browser). Here they are stored and resent to the website the moment you decide to visit it again. Almost all browsers are configured to accept cookies by default.

Cookies used by Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati
Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati uses the following types of cookies:

  • “technical cookies” – for the sole purpose of “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary in order to provide an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user” (please refer to art. no. 122(1), of the Code)
    “First-party” cookies are provided directly by the website being visited and are only read by the website

List of cookies on the Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati website:
Local storage are First-Party Technical cookies used to manage the session. Your browser does not need to accept these cookies in order to browse the website.

How to manage cookies
Available options in terms of cookie management are provided and accessible via the browser. Cookies can be disabled by selecting the relevant option within the browser settings. This will not affect your experience when browsing the Techno sky website. Several browsers allow the user to set specific rules to manage cookies on a per site basis. This enables the user to disable any cookies he might not trust. Cookies can often be disabled from the settings menu of the browser.

Disabling cookies
Popular browsers can be configured to not accept any cookies. However, you may experience problems if you decide to permanently disable cookies or, in some cases, you may not be able to use certain features. Procedures to disable cookies on popular web browsers is described below. To configure cookie management in browsers other than the ones listed below please refer to the help documentation provided with the relevant browser.

Internet Explorer 8.0+:

  • Click the Tools button on the menu bar and then click “Internet Options”
  • Click the “Privacy” tab located in the upper part
  • Move the slider upwards to select “Block all cookies”

Firefox 4.0+:

  • Click “Tools” on the menu bar
  • Select “Options”
  • Click the “Privacy” tab
  • Check “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”


  • Click the “Chrome menu” on the browser toolbar
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click “Show advanced settings”
  • In the “Privacy” section, click the “Content settings” button
  • In the “Cookies” section select “Ignore exceptions and block third-party cookies”

Safari 5.0:

  • Choose Safari > Preferences
  • Click Privacy
  • In the “Accept cookies” section specify whether you want the browser to always accept cookies, never accept cookies or only accept cookies from the websites you visit. For more information on each option click on the icon with a question mark. If Safari is configured to block cookies, they may have to be temporarily enabled to open the page. Repeat the aforementioned steps and select “Always”. Once you have finished using Mac Help, disable cookies again and delete them

For specific information on cookies and how to manage them please visit

How long do we store your personal information for?
Session cookies created when you visit the Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati website expire when you quit your browser.

For further information, please write to us at the following address:
Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati

Registered office:
Studio Irrera – Avvocati Associati | Marconi, 7 – 10125 Torino