Practice Areas

Corporate and Business law

We provide expert assistance to businessmen and commercial companies, in and out of court.
We offer consultancy regarding the drafting of stockholders’ agreements, the choice of the most appropriate models of governance and the management of relationships between stockholders. We support companies in the preparation of organisational models and commercial contracts, in corporate reorganisation, M&A, other extraordinary operations and company transfers, also performing the related legal due diligence.

Business crisis management

We help businesses to manage crises, with restructuring and corporate organisation programmes, that aim to protect the continuity of the company, drawing on the expertise acquired by our specialists in their activities as judicial commissioners in arrangements with creditors and as receivers in bankruptcy procedures. We assist and advise in the preparation of recovery plans, restructuring agreements, tax transactions and arrangements with creditors, offering comprehensive support at every stage of their  fulfilment.

Financial markets and Real Estate

We have consolidated our experience in the field of financial law, acting as consultants to banks, financial brokers and commercial companies, providing legal support in the formulation of bank governance projects, both out of court and in litigation related to unsettled disputes between banks,  intermediaries and clients.
We can boast specific expertise in the field of real estate funds, at the preliminary stage – performing legal due diligence for the assets that are the subject of the operation, and during the acquisition, disposal and enhancement of the properties (industrial, commercial and residential) acquired by the funds.

Public authorities and Commercial companies

We have also built up specific expertise in the provision of assistance to public and public-private companies. We advise clients regarding the selection of the private partner in a public-private company, and we assist in the preparation and adaptation of “in-house” company bylaws, even with the purpose of correctly regulating the “similar control” over the public sector partner and the relevant operating methods. We assist public company in managing its relationship with the public-sector partner and with the other partner, as well as in the selection procedures adopted to choose partners for financial and extraordinary operations.

Litigation and arbitration

We defend clients in court, at all levels of jurisdiction and in domestic and international arbitration, in disputes regarding all the legal practice areas in which the firm operates. We also offer legal assistance in sanctioning procedures instigated by independent authorities such as Consob and Banca d’Italia.
Before starting a litigation we help clients to make informed decisions by assessing the costs and benefits of legal proceedings compared to those of out-of-court solutions.
We have a vast amount of experience in the context of national and international arbitration procedures.

Civil liability

We provide consultancy in and out of court regarding the protection of fundamental human rights and the integrity of personal property.
This activity aims to safeguard the client’s financial and non-financial interests (compensation for physical, moral and image damage) in the contract and non-contract field, undertaking every necessary step to protect any rights infringed by the illegal activities of third parties and to uphold every claim for damages.

Employment and Welfare

Assistiamo clienti italiani ed esteri in relazione ad ogni tipo di problematica riguardante il diritto del lavoro, comprese quelle sulla sicurezza del lavoro, la previdenza e l’assistenza sociale.

In particolare, prestiamo consulenza con riferimento alle implicazioni giuslavoristiche delle operazioni societarie, in riorganizzazioni e procedure di riduzione del personale, in operazioni di esternalizzazione (trasferimenti di azienda, appalti, distacchi), nella redazione di contratti di lavoro subordinato e autonomo, accordi collettivi aziendali e accordi di risoluzione e transazione, nonché nella stesura di policies e regolamenti aziendali (ad esempio, fornendo alle imprese consulenze nel campo della tutela della privacy e della sicurezza dei luoghi di lavoro).

Sport and Sports Marketing

We provide legal advice to athletes and sports clubs drafting contracts for athletic performance, as well as sponsorship and marketing rights agreements (i.e. exploitation of image rights).
We assist athletes in the management of the legal implications of any injuries received in the practice of their sport, as well as in any disputes before arbitration tribunals and ordinary courts.
We also provide consultancy in the constitution of sports clubs and associations, and for all legal matters related to their activities.